Audiophile Quality Sound for indoors & outdoors

7th dimension audio is proud to introduce the latest innovation in superior audio from our friends at Ambisonic Systems. The new Immersive HD Series loudspeakers deliver the ultimate in “High Definition” audio for any indoor or outdoor environment. These compact loudspeakers deliver on the seemingly paradoxical idea of "Small Form Factor, High-Output, Audiophile Quality Loudspeakers"

Immersive 6.5HD Loudspeakers

AW6.5 with Grill 2

The new Immersive HD model 6.5HD loudspeakers utilizes the same design features and components used in the professional "Line Arrays" produced by AmbiSonic Systems. 

  • Ultra-fast transient response and higher instantaneous peak level
  • Wide Horizontal dispersion for excellent stereo imaging 
  • Well controlled vertical dispersion reduces floor and ceiling reflections 
  • Robust enclosure and components
  • Unique woofer and ribbon wave guides for better dispersion and fidelity
  • All stainless steel hardware and powder coated mounting brackets


Immersive HD model 6.5HD-AW for outdoor use, is an all-weather loudspeaker featuring:

  • Molded Composite Enclosure
  • All-Weather Design (IP Rating 65) 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Discrete Compact Size
  • 110° Wide Dispersion
  • Two Speakers Cover 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Landscape Mounting Stake

(Stake mount - pan & tilt)

Pig Tail
6.5HD Coverage

Backyard landscapes, patio and pool areas will come alive with high impact sound. It's like having studio monitors in your yard.           Hearing is believing . . .

True Coaxial Driver Design
6.5HD 3D Exploded 3 Left

The 6.5HD includes one high power 6.5” woofer and one advanced design "Planar Magnetic Ribbon Driver" in a true coaxial configuration producing a perfectly symmetrical horizontal coverage pattern and lower distortion due to the alignment’s acoustic filter effect. This results in evenly dispersed, audiophile-quality sound reproduction even at the highest output levels. With a Frequency Range of 40 Hz - 20kHz with a Maximum SPL 0f 112db Continuous, 118db Peak.

Coaxial Speaker Preview
Wavefront Coherence